Tuto kids: a cat ears headband

Tuto kids: a cat ears headband

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Minireyve is a pretty jumble of favorites, DIY and snapshots of life. Behind this blog hides Eve, mother of two children and co-founder of the magazine Lait Fraise Mag. Artistic director, she also shares her talents as a graphic designer in her online store. Today, we find it for a tutorial that little ones will love, a cat ears headband!


You will need: - a headband - traphilo (or pieces of fabric) - a pair of scissors - tape or fabric glue - wire


1. Form cat ears on the base of the headband with the wire (or rabbit or dog ears it works too). 2. Then tape the ends together so as not to risk that the young ones get hurt. 3. Wrap the actu: 739845 fabric around the shape. Glue or tape the end to keep it going!


And There you go ! A very simple cat headband! No need to ask if my daughter liked, the pictures will be enough;).

Thanks to Eve for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your cat headbands on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!