Meeting with Médéric Mille, co-founder of La Petite Épicerie

Meeting with Médéric Mille, co-founder of La Petite Épicerie

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By embarking on the adventure of La Petite Épicerie in 2011, Médéric Mille found in the Do It Yourself an escape from the crisis. Available in physical and online stores, it has been very successful. We asked Médéric a few questions to find out more.

Who are you?

I'm Médéric, the co-founder of La Petite Épicerie; but I imagine you would especially like to know what La Petite Épicerie is. It's a creative hobby supply store, but not only! Indeed, you can also find tutorials to learn how to make jewelry, holders, custom objects, interviews of designers to make our little curious and a blog with articles showing the different trends of the moment. We have been in existence since 2011 and currently have more than 3,000 references. We are now 7 in the team: Laura, Marie, Emmanuelle, Manue, Laura, Anne and myself; we are all on the same adventure. For the more curious, I invite you to go and see the interview of each on our site!

What are your favorite techniques?

They are numerous because we all have our specialties: gourmet jewelry, stationery, textiles, leather, scrapbooking. But we have a real "modeling" specialization with a flagship product that we all love: canes. These are small Fimo sticks with shapes (cherry, star, smiley ...) that we cut out to decorate all kinds of objects: a jewel, a notebook, a display case ... We have more than 500 models!

Where can we meet you?

We will be at the Creations and Know-how fair in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from November 13 to 17 on stand E06. We communicate a lot via our website and on our Facebook page, where we answer all technical questions. You can also come and chat in our offices if you come to collect your order!

Where can we find your products?

On our online store Find out more! Discover the website of La Petite Épicerie Visit the website of the Creations and Know-how trade fair Our practical creative leisure videos