Curtains and blinds: instructions for use

Curtains and blinds: instructions for use

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To protect yourself from vis-à-vis, there are simple and effective solutions. Choose curtains with optimal blackout power. Outside eyes often pose problems of privacy and tranquility at home. Curtains are the ideal solution to avoid these inconveniences related to vis-à-vis.

Protect yourself from prying eyes

To protect yourself from prying eyes, cover your windows with curtains. Indispensable elements in your interior, the curtains act effectively in the search for privacy. There are different shading solutions for your interior. The sheer curtains allow light to enter the room while providing privacy. Combined with double curtains or with blackout curtains, sheer curtains are gaining in efficiency. Thus, they provide protection against external looks that could interfere with everyday life.

Blackout curtains

Optimize your blackout by choosing blackout curtains. They promote a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the rooms, for example. By limiting the passage of light, heat and cold as well as exterior looks, blackout curtains have the power to isolate from all external nuisances with ease. While ensuring optimal functionality, they increase the feeling of cocooning and reduce heat loss for a preserved and protected setting.


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