Video: How to make a cotton flower?

Video: How to make a cotton flower?

Want to add whimsy to your hairstyles? Looking for an original ornament for your accessories? Discover the tips of Annabel Soirat-Godard, creator of the brand "Faispasçi Faispasça", to make a cotton flower for a brooch or a headband.

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Make cotton flower

To make a cotton and actu flower: 739845 fabric, you need a piece of actu: 739845 fabric, a cover to mark the shape, cotton, thread and a sewing needle. Trace the back of the actu: 739845 fabric around the rounded cover. Then cut a news disc: 739845 fabric respecting a margin of about 1 cm from the mark on the cover. With the thread, sew along the traced disc without tightening too much, revealing the printed side of the actu: 739845 fabric. Once you have done the round, insert cotton inside your news: 739845 fabric, then tighten. Mark the flower shape by stitching the actu: 739845 fabric from the back to the center of the shape. Repeat to divide the flower in half, then divide each half into three parts using the wire to form the petals.

The finishes of a cotton flower

When you are finished, tie a knot on the back of the flower. For a more delicate look, sew a small pearl in the center of the flower. Cut the excess wire and news: 739845 fabric on the back of the flower, and mount it on a headband or on a pin. Thanks to the advice of Annabel Soirat-Godard, make in a few minutes a pretty flower in the news: 739845 fabric and cotton. Watch the video How to make a cotton flower? on Produced by Minute Facile.