5 ethnic carpets at low prices

5 ethnic carpets at low prices

Fashion has been ethnic for several months, you can find it everywhere: on clothes, jewelry, works of art ... but above all, and that's good, in decoration. The editorial team gives you their advice on how to tame this trend that drives the whole house. A quick overview of ethnic carpets at low prices.

African pattern

Inspired by traditional African fabrics, many brands use these patterns for their carpets. African culture is rich in graphics, weavings and different cultures. Depending on the ethnic origin, many styles are emerging, to the delight of our floors. Like this Maisons du monde carpet at 89 euros. Its ethnic patterns remain light and sober and allow you to bring the ethnic discreetly into your living room or bedroom. In another spirit, Alinéa and its Wave carpet at 99 euros invites us to travel on animal skins and more particularly that of the zebra. Fortunately, no animal has ever been injured in the manufacture of the latter.

South American motif

This part of the world has seen many ancestral tribes on its lands, such as the Mayans, the Incas and other Andean civilizations which were very advanced for their times. Today we still find traces of their creations in terms of architecture or everyday life, where women made textiles with incredible patterns. For less than 100 euros you will find at Maisons du Monde these patterns in a jute and wool carpet. Its multicolored geometric shapes will energize your space by highlighting your desires elsewhere.

Oriental patterns

Last trip abroad of our selection, with this Ikea rug straight from the East. The Persian carpet is an essential element and one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture. At first these rugs were considered a modest item, but over the years, the quality of the weavings became excellent, the Persian rugs became true symbols of luxury. To combine luxury carpets and world carpets, nothing better than a Persian carpet. It is placed in the entrance to welcome its guests as it should. You will also find on the carpetdorient.net site hundreds of creations at low prices.