Pale pink in the house

Pale pink in the house

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For a very pleasant start to the school year, there is no hesitation in creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere with large rose reinforcements. Pink yes but not in any way. The editorial staff gives you their advice for a gentle pink house.

Pink, more pink

The rose is often synonymous with romanticism, femininity and delicacy. If you like this idea, you have to play the game to the end. We can start gently in the entrance with a mirror whose frame will be pale pink. To continue your momentum, we integrate pink in the living room with textiles: curtains and sheers, throws and cushions ... Even the carpet can play the game. Last step: the bedroom. This is where you can have fun. Pink and gray generally go very well, so these two colors are combined on the walls with a patterned wallpaper for example. The bed linen will of course be pink. In order not to suffocate under the layers of sugar, be careful not to repaint all your furniture in pink: bookcase, desk, bed frame, floor ... remain in light colors without being pink.

Pink in small doses

At home not everyone appreciates pink? Too bad for you, you say to yourself! But do not lose hope, you can take back some romantic ideas without invading the whole family. The mirror in the entrance can be an easy solution to bring pink into the house, without shocking anyone. Another solution: in the bathroom. With a few accessories you can create a nice atmosphere that will not interfere with the virility of your other half or the extravagant tastes of children. Soaps and pink towels are on the menu.