What are the standards for parquet floors?

What are the standards for parquet floors?

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Answer: pay attention to the rankings first.

Between France and Europe, there are around thirty standards for parquet floors. Thus on French territory, the general standard for parquet is NF EN 13756, but it is different depending on the species used, the thickness and the type of laying. For example, a solid softwood parquet will be referenced NF EN 13990, a laminated parquet NF EN 13489. The standards can also relate to reaction to fire - NF P 92507 includes five categories. For their part, European standards subdivide parquet floors (EN 385) into six classes, three for domestic use, three for commercial use. Instead of getting lost in this maze of standards, it is better to pay attention to the UPEC classification which assesses resistance to wear, puncture by furniture, water resistance and chemical agents according to, for each, indices varying from 1 to 4. There are also different labels for parquet floors, including the FSC for parquet manufactured to ecological, economic and social standards, PEFC for wood felled in forests sustainably, TFT for traceability. You too, send us your brico question