How about replacing the bathtub with a shower?

How about replacing the bathtub with a shower?

What if the tub was losing speed? Because if the latter is majestic, it still takes up a lot of space, is not always very accessible and does not help to save water. And with the new models always more efficient, the shower becomes more and more attractive. Do you want to change? Here is what you need to know when you want to replace your bathtub with a shower.

What are the advantages of a shower?

If the shower has less charm, it nevertheless corresponds much better to our lifestyles. Indeed, it is faster to take a shower and it consumes much less water and therefore meets both economic and also ecological requirements. In addition, a shower can respond perfectly to the space of your bathroom by adapting easily to its particularities. The walk-in showers in particular make it possible to optimize the space while offering a refined and functional bathroom. Because yes, from now on the shower does not neglect the aesthetics and this is perhaps what signals its return. Let us not forget either that they are more and more sophisticated and can offer real spa at home with hydro massage jets for example. Finally, it should be noted that bathtubs sometimes present accessibility problems, especially for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. More slippery than a shower, it becomes dangerous and it is better to transform its equipment to maximize its comfort and safety.

What you should know before replacing the bathtub

Before getting a new shower, you will need to remove the aprons and the old bathtub. Know then that this part rarely has finishes and that you will then have to make connections in terms of paint or tiling or even waterproofing depending on the type of shower you choose. To avoid work as much as possible, try to keep the water inlets and outlets by choosing a shower that matches the existing equipment. Otherwise, you will have to carry out quite significant work which will involve the entire bathroom. To minimize the work, also think about the possibility of opting for a shower cabin that takes the exact size of your bathtub. This module will be placed directly in place of the old bathtub and will require only a simple connection but no retouching in terms of finishes. On the cost side of this change in terms of equipment, note that you will find receivers to ask from 150 euros, shower kits including a head, a hand shower and the fittings between 150 euros and 700 euros and finally walls of glass shower for around 200 euros for a single wall. As for complete shower cubicles, the prices start at 200 euros and stretch up to more than 1000 euros depending on the comfort and the options chosen (massage jets, hammam, lighting, music, etc.).