The mistakes to avoid with the neo-bourgeois style

The mistakes to avoid with the neo-bourgeois style

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The "neo-bourgeois" style brings decoration with it. The latter becomes synonymous with quality materials, craftsmanship and dark colors. A spirit that invades every room in the house after is illustrated in fashion. But to adopt the "neo-bourgeois" style without false note, we give you advice to appropriate it with taste and without risk of planting yourself. Colors, furniture, accessories and decorative advice are to be discovered now to adopt the style that has made fashionistas turn their heads!

Do not opt ​​for dark colors

You will surely have noticed by leafing through fashion magazines, the neo-bourgeois style is inspired by the 1930s to the 70s. So your brown palette, mustard yellow, burgundy red, the orange drawing on the red or the bronze green. Tones that have long been considered old-fashioned restore their coat of arms and are seen in a different light.

Do not enhance bright shades

In order not to fall into an overly monotonous setting, the dark colors are enhanced with iridescent or moire shades which bring a notion of wealth, so much appreciated by the bourgeois. Bronze, gold, silver or pearl effects are welcome. The contrast playing in their favor, they reveal the dark colors and offer relief to the whole. To use all the same sparingly not to fall into the bling bling!

Do not wear fur

A bourgeois without a fur coat is unthinkable! In the decoration of neo-bourgeois style, it is the same. The leopard skin on the ground or placed on the sofa is a must have decoration of the neo-bourgeois style. Rest assured, it is possible to invest in very successful animal skin imitations.

Do not invest in handcrafted furniture

The peculiarity of the bourgeois is that he loves above all, beautiful pieces shaped by hand and which demanded particular know-how. Very steeped in tradition, he prefers to invest in furniture that lasts, which he can pass on to future generations. You understand what you have to do!

Do not bet on what is visible

The neo-bourgeois style lover likes beautiful things, luxurious materials but does not tolerate waste. Rooted in tradition, he does not lose sight of the value of things, but can not help loving what is seen and shown to establish his notoriety and success.

Dislike opulence

For the sake of absolute comfort, this style loves above all cozy, welcoming and cozy interiors. This is why you have to bet on plush furniture, a wealth of cousins, XXL carpets ... In short, excess and abundance are there to impress the visitor. Our practical decoration videos