Grandmother's accessories become a must in the kitchen

Grandmother's accessories become a must in the kitchen

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There was a time when verrines and other bites were not yet invited to the table. Instead, we served the family meals directly in their baking dish and we opted above all on accessories that last over time. Today in the kitchen, this retro wind is blowing again and we are making a small return to traditions.

The boom in traditional cuisine

Cooking is like fashion, it's a cycle! And after the rejection of traditions and family dishes in favor of verrines and other bites, the reverse is the case. The crisis revived the taste for comforting traditions and the recipes of grandmothers made a comeback at the same time as the return of knitting and wooden furniture. We then revel with great pleasure in a retro and traditional touch in the kitchen, whether it is with what is on the plate or the plate itself.

The accessories of traditional cuisine

To take a step back in the kitchen, we put on the accessories that smell good in grandmothers' kitchens. On the program: containers and other traditional dishes, retro accessories and manual appliances to make the kitchen more authentic. Concretely, we offer dishes for the terracotta oven, copper pots and cast iron casseroles knowing that everything can be displayed in the kitchen for a very decorative touch. We put aside the electronic scale in favor of a retro model and we replace the verrines with Le Parfait jars. Then you just have to find a book of traditional cooking recipes!