What does the regulation say about air conditioning?

What does the regulation say about air conditioning?

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Answer: steps in the case of split air conditioning.

No special steps need to be taken if you buy a portable air conditioner. However, as soon as it changes the exterior appearance of your home, a split split air conditioning is subject to regulation. The owners of a detached house must submit a declaration of work in the town hall, accompanied by various documents (location plan, sketch ...), which will be increased if the dwelling is located near a historic monument or a site. class. People who live in a condominium must receive the acceptance of an absolute majority of the general assembly. A registered letter sent to the trustee will have previously requested the prior inclusion of the subject on the agenda. Finally, tenants must obtain the owner's agreement. The request addressed to the trustee or the declaration of work will then be borne by the latter. However, when leaving the accommodation, the tenant will not be able to leave with the air conditioning!