Pallets, crates and wine boxes, new decorative stars

Pallets, crates and wine boxes, new decorative stars

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For some time now, the "pallet handling" trend has been generating enthusiasm in the world of interior decoration. From now on, crates and wine boxes are entering the dance. Their side "straight out of supermarkets" inspired enthusiasts of the raw and salvaged style, their side "give me a second decorative life" conquered the soul of the greenest among us and their chic and cheap side begins to charm the amateurs of decoration at reduced prices. This deserves a quick overview of everything you can do in your home in the company of ladies pallets, crates and wine boxes!

Object diversion

The simplest way to adopt the "palette, crate and wine case" look inside is in two words: object diversion. In other words, we do not touch a bit (or almost) to their aesthetics. It is their positioning, layout, content or accessorization that will make it useful and decorative! As much to specify that if you are not a handyman for a penny, this option is made for you. Still you need to have some good ideas to steal. That's good, we have a whole series under the elbow! First, we are fans of storage boxes, because they can be used in the different rooms of the house. All you need is to have a crate or a wine crate vertically: in the bathroom, you organize stacks of clean linen, in the garden you transform them into a staircase planter, in the bedroom, you do wall cubes version shelves. Horizontally, they become storage bins for everything that connects us. As for pallets, we like the concept of improvised furniture in two stages, three movements. Stacked on top of each other, you get a coffee table in the living room, a games table in the child's room or a bench in the hall (provided you line the upper palette with soft cushions)!

Creation of decorative objects from a palette

The next step concerns the most creative: reworking the basic material (palette and company) to design decorative designs like "Do It Yourself". At the editorial office, a dedicated book called "100% decorative palette" by Chêne editions is, so to speak, our great favorite. There are all kinds of ingenious ideas made by different designers. Lighting, benches, bookcases, chairs, shelves and even a meal tray: inside its pages, we are proven by A + B that if you have a few handling pallets on hand, you can mount absolutely everything type of furniture. Magic. And true. If wine boxes and fruit and vegetable crates trigger a less diversified creative process because they are less solid, they can nevertheless lead to the design of many accessories, such as a large shelf for boxes! Just assemble the boxes together using nails and repaint the whole with the desired color. Note that the arrangement of the boxes can be staggered for a more architectural look and that the color code can reveal a monochrome or a pretty gradient ...


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