Video: take care of the peach blister

Video: take care of the peach blister

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The advice of experts from the Plant Clinic will help you better understand the diseases of your flowers and treat them correctly. On this sequence, it is a peach tree which is subjected to Jacques, following a blistering of the leaves. Follow the advice and recommendations on video!

Question from the user

<< Ce pêcher est touché par la cloque. Ce qu'on a déjà essayé, sans succès, c'est d'accrocher des coquilles d'oeufs aux branches puis de planter un peu d'ail au pied de l'arbre. Cela n'a rien donné, mais sans doute avons-nous eu la main trop légère. Les fruits restent beaux, mais l'arbre perd quelques branches chaque année : elles deviennent sèches et on les coupe. Est-ce que notre pêcher s'achemine doucement vers sa fin ? Peut-on traiter durablement contre la cloque, à quel moment et avec quelles méthodes ? Merci ! >>

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Auscultation and diagnosis

Peach is quite easy to grow. However, it requires a minimum of maintenance. When you don't take care of your peach enough, it can be invaded by fungi. The attack of these parasites subsequently causes the "peach blister". This disease is characterized by swelling of the leaves, thus preventing the fruit from blossoming.

Some recommendations

To combat peach blister, it is advisable to apply a treatment with Bordeaux mixture. It is indeed a copper-based treatment that you must perform when the buds begin to hatch. You just need to intervene at the right time to ensure the good growth of your fishery. Follow these guidelines and your tree will be better. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!