Beautiful book: "From memory of vegetable gardens"

Beautiful book: "From memory of vegetable gardens"

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Cucumber, artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, tomato ... We all have vivid memories with vegetables, whether they are linked to the school canteen or to Grandpa's garden! In this beautiful book, Serge Schall draws a portrait of the heroes of the vegetable patch and returns to the history of vegetables. In the index, there are several very useful tips such as a list of places to find seeds of old varieties and questions on gardening: why aerate the soil, is Bordeaux porridge organic or chemical ...?

From wilderness picking to intensive cultivation

Vegetables are not new on our plates, our ancestors have tasted these nourishing foods for centuries. How did they come to us? We were able to discover new vegetables from the Middle East thanks to the Roman conquests, then the Arabs brought us their innovative gardening techniques and many vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach and eggplant. Finally, the Renaissance and the discovery of America enhanced our catalog of new foods that are now essential, such as tomatoes, potatoes and peppers. For their part, the cooks at the royal tables brought refinement to the tasting of these new vegetables. Fortunately, technical progress in conservation has developed, which has changed our eating habits; long gone are the days when vegetables were kept in the attic!

Family portrait in the vegetable patch

Just like in his book Candy plants , Serge Schall draws up portraits full of nostalgia and greed. For each vegetable, we discover the different varieties, its origin, its introduction in France and how to grow it (planting, watering, harvesting ...). The portraits are punctuated with "words from the gardener, the cook or the researcher" who provide tips and technical advice.
We also find original and sympathetic anecdotes, even unexpected. Did you know that the high iron content of spinach is just a legend constructed due to a typo? In 1890, spinach was credited with 30mg of iron per 100g instead of 3mg. We also learn that there are more than 150 species and varieties of basil, including one with purple leaves, that "calf's head" and "chicken leg" are names of shallots, than a spoonful of olive oil. can relieve you if you eat a hot pepper… and many other stories that will fuel your conversations during family meals! In addition, some advice may be essential on a daily basis! For example, did you know that fennel essence is found in some toothpastes because its seeds freshen the breath? If you run out of chewing gum, you know what to take now! We know that gluttony is a bad thing! Besides, it was fatal to the popes Paul II and Clement VII who died following an indigestion of melon. The book is also enriched with very beautiful photos which sublimate the vegetables and some original recipes. In memory of vegetable gardens by Serge Schall Editions Plume de carrotte April 2008/208 pages / 35 €