What is self-cleaning glazing?

What is self-cleaning glazing?

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Answer: the sun and rainwater remove its dirt.

Self-cleaning glazing uses the action of the sun and rain to destroy the impurities that come to taint it. The glazing has a microscopic coating deposited during its manufacture on the exterior facade. This coating is sensitive to the action of sunlight, even when the weather is cloudy. Under their effect, the dirt dissolves. At the same time, this coating has hydrophilic properties: by dripping, rainwater cleans the glass without leaving traces. The advantage of self-cleaning glazing is to reduce the time spent on the maintenance of your windows and to use less detergent products. It also provides better vision through your window, regularly rid of its impurities. Self-cleaning glazing retains the same properties as other glazing in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, and the protection of property and people. This coating can equip double or triple glazed windows. You too, send us your brico question