Mistakes to avoid when you want to change your decor without a penny in your pocket

Mistakes to avoid when you want to change your decor without a penny in your pocket

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Mown like wheat, you have the sweet hope of basking in a new decor. But how, without spending, to decorate your living room which for several years already made gray mine? The drafting is not stingy with good advice, we deliver the keys to develop a new decor without having to put your hand in the portfolio, or so very little!

Do not sort

It is often wrongly thought that it is necessary to invest in new furniture to tidy up the things that keep piling up. Before spending your last few dollars, make sure that everything is really useful for you. Sorting is essential! Throw away anything you need less than once a year. You will see, you will save space.

Do not sell on specialized sites

Here's a way to replenish your wallet. Specialized sites such as eBay or leboncoin.fr to name a few, will allow you to deliver items that you no longer use and that are still in very good condition to thousands of interested parties. A word of advice, if you are selling them at auction, pay attention to the end time of your advertisement. Ideally, it should end on a Sunday around 5 p.m. rather than on Saturday at 2 a.m.

Don't trade

Another solution, you can exchange your objects or your furniture. Several websites put individuals in touch with each other, for this go to the websites www.troc.com, www.donnertroquer.com or even www.pretatroquer.fr. The principle is simple, you exchange an object of the same value. Similarly, if you are a house fairy, trade 3 hours of gardening at someone's house, against 3 hours of DIY at home. A good way to help each other.

Do not paint

Come on, it's time to get started! Finally paint this section of wall that has been eyeing you for several months already. Two coats of paint will suffice to breathe new life into your decor. And in terms of colors this season, you have the choice: pastel shades, raven black, indigo blue, emerald green will breathe new life into your interior.

Do not move the place furniture

By simply changing the furniture, you will have the impression of changing the interior. Likewise, reorganize your kitchen worktop or arrange the decoration of your shelves in a new way. These little gestures are sometimes enough to breathe new life into your decor.

Do not divert objects

We don't always think about it, but why not divert some of your furniture. A nice kitchen stool can very well serve as a bedside table in your bedroom, or a clothing trunk in your cellar can become an original bedside table once cleaned and decorated with cushions and pretty books.

Don't try your luck

The decoration sites launch operations which will allow you to earn vouchers. So try your luck you never know. Whoever tries nothing has nothing, it is well known!


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