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3 tips for measuring the size of your future curtains

3 tips for measuring the size of your future curtains

You have just chosen the curtains that will best dress your windows and now a primordial question comes to you, how to choose the right dimensions for future curtains? Here are some tips and recommendations from the experts at Home Maison.

The height of your curtains

Regarding the length of your curtain or sheer, you just need to take the total height, that is to say the measurement from the top of the rod at ground level. However, you can also remove 2 cm if you don't want your curtain to touch the ground. Be aware that a curtain with a falling effect on the floor is very elegant and accentuates the ceiling height of your room. The + advice: the curtain rods are generally placed 10-15 cm above the window frame, so you will need to add 10-15 cm to your length measurement to obtain the final height of the curtains.

The width of your curtains

For the width of your curtain or sheer, you must measure the distance from one end to the other of the rod to cover the entire window and its overhangs. Indeed, do not omit the finishes, otherwise your curtain will not be wide enough. As a general rule, it is recommended to extend the curtain rod 15 to 30 cm on each side, which increases the width of the fabric to be taken into account. The + advice: to give relief to your curtains, we advise you to double the measured width in order to obtain a harmonious pleating.

Even more tips

To make your own hems, it is possible to get iron-on tapes which allow you to easily adapt your curtain to the height of the window. But to avoid having to touch up your curtains yourself, we offer a range of custom curtains and curtains where you can get curtains and curtains adjusted to the dimensions of your openings for non-standard windows. Now that you know how to take the dimensions of your curtains like a pro, it's time to practice. So at your feet, ready, measure! In partnership with Home Maison