Animal motifs take the cushions by storm

Animal motifs take the cushions by storm

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The saga of animals in the decoration is not about to end. Now, it is on the cushions that rabbits, ostriches, dogs, donkeys and camels have taken up residence. With their animal presence, they create an atmosphere of bestiary style that does not go unnoticed either on the sofa or on the bed ...

On the cushions, a real bestiary!

When animal prints assert themselves on decorative cushions, they dare all species (wild or domestic) and all universes (Africa, forest, farm ...). To each his own style ! Thus, we favor patterns of hares, sheep or hens evoking the farmyard in an interior seeking to assert a small country style.
The prints of wild beasts or from distant lands are more intended to make the decor travel while the prints of cats or dogs, wiser, are content to inject it with a zest of originality.
The cabinet of curiosities style is represented when animals are dressed like human beings. A staggered rendering also easy to obtain if you take care to mix, in the same place, several animal motifs that are all opposed. To us the "zoo" or "Noah's ark" effect!

Our shopping selection of animal cushions

On the shopping side, some models of cushions captured our attention. This is the case of the very explicit "camel", "rhino", "ostrich" and "rabbit" cushions signed AM.PM. The Teo Jasmin brand gives us cushions with patterns of rabbits, ducks, pigs and cats, followed closely by the models signed Let Lucie Faire in which are framed on textile, the images of a donkey, a goose or a monkey. The Fly brand is putting on a classic to revisit: cushions decorated with different breeds of dogs!