What is a thermodynamic water heater?

What is a thermodynamic water heater?

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If you are considering replacing your old electric or gas water heater, consider the thermodynamic water heater, which produces hot water by capturing calories from the ambient air. Explanations.

How does a thermodynamic water heater work?

A thermodynamic water heater is a hot water tank equipped with a small autonomous air / water heat pump and a thermally insulated tank. The pump is associated with an additional electrical resistance which uses the calories present in the ambient air as the main energy source as well as those lost by electrical devices such as the washing machine or freezer. This free energy is recovered and transmitted to the tank where the heated water is stored. Easier and cheaper to install than a solar water heater, the thermodynamic water heater can thus meet hot water needs (up to 60 °) all year round. It represents a potential saving of 70 to 75% per year on the production of domestic hot water compared to an electric water heater and emits much less CO2. Equipping yourself with a thermodynamic water heater entitles you to a tax credit of 26%.

How is the efficiency of a thermodynamic water heater expressed?

Its yield is expressed in COP, that is to say its Coefficient of Performance. This corresponds to the ratio between the energy consumed and the energy returned. COP = energy returned (for the production of hot water) / energy consumed (electricity used by the compressor and the fan).

Five different thermodynamic water heater technologies

The choice of technology depends on the configuration of the housing. The thermodynamic water heater on ambient air: it sucks and rejects air in unheated rooms such as the laundry room and the garage. The rooms must measure at least 20 m3 and be properly insulated. The thermodynamic water heater sheathed on outside air: it is equipped with ducts which suck in and reject outside air. It can be installed in a habitable and heated room (laundry room, scullery, for example). The split thermodynamic water heater on outdoor air: it consists of two parts: the tank, installed in a habitable room, and the heat pump, installed outside. The thermodynamic water heater on extract air: installed in a habitable room and connected to the ventilation system, it has a double function: ventilate and produce hot water. Fresh air enters through the air inlets located above the windows. The stale air, when hot, is sucked in by the extractors of the water features and is transmitted, by a network of conduits, to the water heater which uses it to produce hot water. . The thermodynamic water heater on the heated floor return: in summer, it takes the calories present in the circuit linked to the ambient temperature of the house.

What to check before installing a thermodynamic water heater?

The thermodynamic water heater must be marked "NF Electricité Performance". This brand offers a guarantee on the electrical safety of the device, the quality of the materials used, its mechanical resistance and its proper functioning. The tank must be equipped with an anti-corrosion system which offers maximum protection by guaranteeing a good iron / water balance, whatever the quality of the water. The thermodynamic water heater must be able to produce domestic hot water at 55 ° without backup. The capacity of the ball must be adapted to the needs of the household. For example, for a family of four, you need a tank with a capacity of 200 L. It is necessary to install a safety group on the "cold water" inlet to protect the device against excessive pressure which could cause it to explode and the possibility of removing condensate. The hot water outlet must be connected to the house's hot water network using a special connector generally supplied. It is imperative to install this fitting. Otherwise, if there is a problem, the warranty will not work.