How to maintain a pressure washer?

How to maintain a pressure washer?

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Answer: Wash the pressure washer with the detergent specified by the manufacturer, and protect it from the weather.

First of all, it is essential to unplug the pressure washer during its maintenance. And read the instructions for use supplied with the appliance at the time of purchase to find out which detergents are recommended by the manufacturer for the maintenance of the cleaner. A high pressure cleaner intended for the general public does not require major maintenance, it suffices to clean it using the detergent indicated in the instructions. And remove the suction filter and the water inlet screen from time to time to wash them too. If you have not used your pressure washer for a long time, empty the water from the appliance and replace it. Similarly, do not leave the cleaner outside during the winter or in repeated contact with rain, it must be protected from the cold and bad weather. Store it in your garage. You too, send us your brico question


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