How to unclog a pipe with a chemical?

How to unclog a pipe with a chemical?

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Answer: precautions must be taken, as it is a dangerous product.

The main concern when handling chemicals must be safety. These are dangerous products which must be handled with great care. These products can cause severe burns. This is why it is absolutely necessary to avoid any contact with the skin and a fortiori with the eyes. You should also avoid breathing the vapors. It is therefore ideal to use plastic or rubber gloves and protective glasses. Do not hesitate to isolate the room while the product is working. Finally, ventilate the room well after using the product. Regarding the application of the product, pour the dose provided by the manufacturer and leave to act. Consult the package leaflet to find out how long you should let the product act. Then flush the toilet. Remember that these products are bad for water and the environment. You too, send us your brico question


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