How about a lounge chair for the living room?

How about a lounge chair for the living room?

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Did you know that lounge chairs are not just for outdoor spaces? On the contrary, there are also models like a relaxation chair for lounging in the living room. Zoom on this armchair, a true ode to relaxation.

The lounge version lounge chair

In the 1920s, Le Corbusier had the idea of ​​creating a lounge chair for the living room. Very avant-garde, it uses chrome steel for the chair, black steel for the base and leather for the seat in very bold lines that have made it an icon of design! Since then, the lounge chair has become a must in the living room to indulge in reading and now to watch television while being comfortably installed. You will understand, we forget the deck chair: we put on the elegance of this room to inject a chic style in the living room while offering a space for relaxation.

Choose the lounge chair

Rather than a traditional armchair, one puts on a deckchair or armchair of relaxation which one installs in the living room. We stay in the spirit of Le Corbusier by choosing a model with a bold design. You can then offer yourself an armchair balanced on a chromed leg or very refined models which only hold thanks to the structure of the seat. Then, you will bet on an elegant model by opting for leather, whether it is white, black or red. For the extra decorative touch, don't hesitate to add a magazine rack next to your armchair. All you have to do is relax!