How to hide exposed pipes in a bathroom?

How to hide exposed pipes in a bathroom?

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Answer: using pipe covers or foam sheaths, or with a box of its manufacture.

Tired of those awful pipes that disfigure your bathroom walls? There are several methods for hiding visible and unsightly pipes. You will find pipe covers or foam sheaths ready to install in most DIY signs, rather bulky and intended mainly for bathroom plumbing. If you are a little handyman, you can also make a plasterboard, plywood or melamine panel box which you will then paint as you wish, and which you will cover with paneling. You just have to cut the plates to the right size, and fix the whole using rods while resting on the wall. Note that you can also repaint your pipes when degreased, and play with trendy colors in relation to the environment. You too, send us your brico question