Slavic trend in the decor

Slavic trend in the decor

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To wake up the decor when temperatures start to drop, nothing like a decoration inspired by Slavic countries who are not afraid of the cold! On the program: colorful patterns and opulent materials for a very friendly winter.

What is Slavic decor?

The Slavic decoration is a joyful mixture of folk motifs halfway between the culture of the Middle East and Central Asia. Its particularity is to mix bright and intense colors such as blue, red and green to create patchworks of bold tones that do not fail to highlight the charged patterns. In terms of materials, this decorative style highlights heavy fabrics with precious appearances. You will thus find velvets, brocades but also brighter fabrics such as suede.

How to bring the Slavic decor into your home?

It is not easy to play with Slavic decoration because we are not used to such a profusion of colors and patterns. However, by using decorative objects sparingly, you can enhance your decor in the blink of an eye. So do not hesitate to bring fabrics in the form of plaids and cushions that you will place on the sofa to give it character. You can also treat yourself to a painted piece of furniture that will create a surprise among wiser pieces of furniture. Finally, note that you can also bring the Slavic spirit into your home using typical accessories such as matriochkas or painted dishes.