Bodum awakens tableware!

Bodum awakens tableware!

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Accessible design, well thought-out marketing, vibrant colors… This perfectly sums up the spirit of the Danish brand Bodum. First specialized in coffee makers, Bodum has extended its know-how to kitchen utensils, accessories, small household appliances and recently to barbecues. Often copied, Bodum technology has made many envies thanks to its simple and timeless lines, but also by the ease of use of its products. Back on a family saga on the way to the future.

From Denmark to the conquest of the world

It was in 1944 that the Bodum family business was founded, under the leadership of Peter Bodum. The young Danish entrepreneur is going to have the idea of ​​marketing a French press with a brewing principle, created 10 years earlier by the Italian Calimani. Called "Chambord", the first creation of the Bodum factories met with real success which foreshadowed the success of the company. The latter immediately positioned itself in the niche of everyday products: an ingenious idea reinforced by the explosion in demand for household accessories that followed the war years. Riding the consumer wave that swept across Europe in the 1950s, Peter Bodum continued to develop its products, always keeping in mind the idea of ​​a design accessible both in form and in price. Other French presses will be launched, followed closely by teapots. Their principle? Fill the glass container with ground coffee or tea, add hot water and then compress the plunger to bring the product down. The grounds are thus separated from the liquid coffee and the latter is ready to be consumed. This ingenious and ecological method (it does not require a filter or capsules) is quickly recognized as being the best for extracting aromas from coffee. Both individuals and professionals will quickly appropriate it, confirming the success of the invention. In the 1970s, Jorgen Bodum, the founder's son, took over the reins of the company. While continuing the traditions of innovation instituted by his father, he will however accelerate the expansion of the company around the world, by moving its head office from Switzerland at first, before multiplying the store openings on the 5 continents. The Bodum catalog will gradually be modernized and expanded thanks to the integration of bright colors and new household accessories. The brand now has several hundred references to its catalog and its products are distributed in 50 countries!

Design at the heart of the product

With its coffee pots, teapots and utensils that have become cult, Bodum has seduced several generations of households. Timeless design and innovative materials have greatly contributed to the success of the brand, which now offers accessories around "tea time", tableware, barbecue and cooking. The design lines, the vibrant colors and the Bodum touch (often made of silicone) give each of the brand's products an unmatched aesthetic.