What color of sofa and decor with gray and ivory walls?

What color of sofa and decor with gray and ivory walls?

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Edith's question:


Answer: a plum or burgundy sofa and no more than three colors in the room

Hello Edith, you have a wall and dark furniture that requires a contribution of one or two colors. For a contemporary atmosphere, I recommend a plum or burgundy sofa. This will go perfectly with the gray wall of your dining room. For curtains, a plain light gray or a fabric with small plum patterns would be ideal. You could also consider a pearl gray solid color with a 40 cm plum strip at the top of the curtains, at the eyelets. Your decoration accessories will use the colors present on the curtains, the sofa. Your lampshades will be white or light gray with a fabric or bronze interior for a warm and not dazzling light. For a chic and elegant decoration, keep in mind not to multiply the colors: the combination of 3 colors maximum is sufficient in the same room! You too, send us your decoration question