The heating blender according to Philips

The heating blender according to Philips

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Soon we will wonder how we made the soups before the arrival of the heated blenders. Because given the success of these machines, all homes will certainly be equipped within a few years! It is now Philips' turn to offer its version of heated blender called SoupMaker (because in English, it's always classier).
Philips has decided to innovate compared to other existing products since the blades of the blender are not located in the bottom of the bowl but in the lid. There are two advantages to this: firstly, it makes it easier to clean the blades, but also to reduce the size. Thus the Philips Cook & Blend (it is its other name) has reduced dimensions compared to other heated blenders. For example, it measures 10 cm less than Soup & Co by Moulinex (31 against 41 cm). Obviously the fact of integrating the engine block in the bowl of the blender is at the expense of the capacity even if it is still widely usable for a family (1.2 liters against 1.8 liters for Soup & Co). Another drawback: it is impossible to add ingredients during cooking (at least there is no opening provided for this purpose).
This arrangement also determined the location of the interface since it is located on the cover and not under the bowl as for the others.
This blender offers 4 automatic programs: a smooth soup program (23 minutes), a blended soup program (20 minutes), a compote program (13 minutes) and a smoothie program (3 minutes). A final program is intended for manual mixing without predefined time. After programs including cooking, the Philips SoupMaker automatically switches to keep warm for 40 minutes. The important fact is that the cooking mode is not configurable, so you cannot choose the temperature or the cooking time, which therefore limits the use of the appliance. The Philips Viva Collection SoupMaker is announced at a price of € 120 which places it in the mid-range of similar devices. Philips, Viva Collection SoupMaker, HR 2200/80, 120 €


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