How to choose a floor lamp?

How to choose a floor lamp?

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Answer: it all depends on its use.

Lighting is an important element that must be studied carefully. The floor lamp is no exception and its choice will depend on its use. Is it general lighting? Decorative? Or directed lighting to equip a reading corner? If it is general lighting, the halogen floor lamp is the most practical. Decorative, it is sometimes equipped with a dimmer or several arms which can both read and illuminate the room. The directional floor lamp must be correctly positioned to avoid shadows when reading. It is also necessary to check the power of the bulb to avoid either being dazzled or not seeing enough. You will also have to be careful to position your floor lamp to avoid annoying reflections in the TV screen, for example. Very practical when you do not have a ceiling light, the floor lamp is also a decorative element in its own right in your room. You too, send us your brico question