Radiator, floor heating, ceiling heating: which is better?

Radiator, floor heating, ceiling heating: which is better?

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The radiator takes up more space but is cheaper, the floor and ceiling heaters distribute heat more evenly and are less energy-hungry.

Both floor heating and ceiling heating (very little used in France) have the advantage of being invisible, the mechanism being hidden by the floor covering or the false ceiling, and they increase the usable space since 'they free up space near the walls. Another advantage, they distribute a homogeneous and well distributed heat throughout the room, and consume a little less energy than the radiators. But they are of course much more expensive to buy than radiators, it takes at least 50 € per square meter, more than double. This is why fixed or mobile radiators, which are much more accessible, remain the preferred solution for French households. The most efficient radiators for heating a room are radiant radiators.