What are the standards and labels for doors?

What are the standards and labels for doors?

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Answer: there are standards and labels that measure resistance to fire and burglary.

Note that these standards and labels are not the same for an entrance door as for interior doors. There are safety standards for measuring the resistance of doors to fire and burglary. The most recent standard is the Euroclass standard which qualifies the reaction to fire of the materials that make up the door. This standard is gradually replacing the French M classification. The classification M is divided into five levels, from M0 to M5, from at least to the most flammable. The Euroclass standard is recognizable because the CE mark is found on the product. This standard measures the opacity of smoke, from s1 which indicates a slightly opaque smoke to s3 indicating a very opaque smoke. The Euroclass standard also measures the projection of flaming droplets and debris, from d0 indicating few projections to d2 indicating many projections. The A2P BP label measures the time of resistance to burglary. There are four levels: A2P Glass door = 3 minutes of resistance, A2P BP1 5 minutes, A2P BP2 10 minutes, A2P BP3 15 minutes. There is a label for locks with a classification in three levels: A2P * = 5 minutes, A2P ** 10 minutes and A2P *** 15 minutes. You too, send us your brico question