What to do with books when there is not enough space to store them?

What to do with books when there is not enough space to store them?

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Exit the books lying around the house for not having found a suitable place. The correct resolution for the start of the school year is first of all: sort through our "reading" collection; second: manage to store albums, novels, guides and books despite the lack of space. The challenge is launched!

1. I sort

From the moment you bought and then read a book, you have never wondered whether or not it was useful to keep it in your archives. However, this is your next mission! To screen the permanent kit, sorting is essential. We keep beautiful works and favorite books. As for the rest, it's time to part with it: the best way to make room for future purchases! But beware, the idea is not to throw them away, but rather to resell them (on marketplace.fr or on amazon.fr) or to give them (to relatives, or to the Oxfam bookshop network). Because even if it means getting rid of the old "books", you might as well earn a few pennies or at least do a good deed!

2. I put on a high-pitched storage

To the rescue of small spaces, our friends the walls give us great helping hands. So, to avoid us nibbling square meters on the ground, they welcome a library corner perched high thanks to shelves and wall boxes multiplied as needed. From a decorative point of view, we also think of the layout that lends itself best to our desires. To keep books close at hand, for example, column shelves are fixed vertically on both sides of the bed. If the priority is to store a maximum of books in all discretion, we run over the entire outline of the room (above the furniture and at the limit of the ceiling), a horizontal support acting as a tailor-made library. But if you want to sort the books by genre or author at all costs, you say yes to the wall boxes, each of them being dedicated to specific storage!