Libraries house your most beautiful works

Libraries house your most beautiful works

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Book eaters and storage fans cannot do without the library. Either, it is very practical but in addition, it is a decorative element in its own right ... just plant it in a room to dress and create the atmosphere. This piece of furniture can take simple or more eccentric forms. It covers materials for all tastes and adapts to all budgets.


The great library classic is the rectangular shape. These standard models can be found in all boutiques and all major decoration stores. For design lovers, the offer is then very wide. On the site, you will find a library shelf with rounded corners, light oak or dark pine version. The Mikado model, available on the website, is aptly named. Its wooden bars seem to be assembled randomly and one wonders how the whole does not collapse! On this same site, you will find "Hô", a fun and functional library scale. You just have to climb to access the works placed while "Ho"! And why not a bear-shaped library like that of the Ibride brand? Or the hanging Bookwave model, to present your books with originality?


In terms of materials, the library also offers many possibilities. For a touch of authenticity in your interior, you can opt for a wooden model. For a more designer atmosphere, you will find a metal and wooden bookcase from Hanjel, on the site, or an all-metal model on La Redoute. You can also store green with a cardboard library. Furniture that is both original and fully recyclable. Finally, why not a leather look shelf? This is what Maisons du Monde offers with its chocolate brown Soho furniture.


The library is a source of inspiration for designers. The Ptoloméo model, a great design classic, was awarded the prestigious "Compas d'Or" in 2004. Its structure, a simple column in lacquered steel, disappears as the books are put away. You will also find the "gold" version of this library on the website. At the same address, there is a creation by designer Ron Arad, Lovely Rita, a library in the shape of a folded ribbon or that of Sean Yoo, the Opus Incertum, in the shape of cells, inspired by the archaeological site of Pompeii.

Good addresses

For design libraries, go to or You will find very beautiful models but beware, some designer libraries will be rough for your wallet! To avoid this problem, large decoration brands offer affordable libraries of all sizes. In the "bestseller" section, think of the Billy from Ikea, a trendy and inexpensive model. At Fly, But and other specialized stores, you will also have a wide choice. Also think of Maisons du Monde for exotic or travel-inspired libraries, in Indian and Asian styles, including models. so British !


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