My cupboards fit together!

My cupboards fit together!

No, the interlocking cupboards are not only reserved for children! Practical and sometimes very aesthetic, "nestable" boxes (!) Can prove to be a real advantage, saving space while being very decorative. How to use them wisely? Explanations.

Choosing the right storage

Long gone are the days when the stackable box boiled down to a transparent plastic bin! The "matryoshka" revolution has gone through this and all decoration brands now offer their stackable storage, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. From the Lego-shaped box (we are of course talking about children's games!) To the reissue of the post-war mechanic's locker, brands compete in imagination to offer us innovative shapes and materials. It's up to you to make it a decorative element in its own right by choosing your stackable storage according to your interior (metal for the industrial style, cardboard for a natural / ecological decoration, etc.).

Storage for the whole house

The interlocking cupboards find their place in every room of the house. The perforated metal sorter is ideal for the office (Tolix is ​​also launching a new series of "U" sliding boxes and racks, to be discovered urgently), the metal locker blends perfectly into the living room or bedroom, bottle racks find their use in the cellar or cellar, the colored plastic lockers will rather be reserved for a child's room. Also remember to stack your boxes, baskets and various storage in small rooms, such as the laundry room, the cellar or the bathroom: you will appreciate being able to hide small useful everyday objects.