In the office of… Maud Bury, interior designer

In the office of… Maud Bury, interior designer

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After nine years of good and loyal service at Philippe Starck, the interior designer Maud Bury decided to take off. Not alone, but with her designer designer Eugeni Quitllet. They have just moved to Barcelona where their office, bathed in light, faces Gaudi's Pedrera.

Barcelona for fun and for work

She now lives in Spain, but her professional life brings her every ten days to Paris. A rhythm adopted without problem, and which reinforces the idea that it was the right choice. "I needed to find myself, she explains, because working in an agency like I did for almost ten years at Starck, it is to be part of a group. And at one point, we inevitably asks questions, like for example, who am I? To answer them I needed time to reflect. " In the end, the couple decides to leave, to cast off. Barcelona was ideal. Not just because her husband is Catalan. Because if it has found its roots, it has discovered the pleasure of living in a city that is not a megalopolis and where the sun shines all year round.

Order is born harmony

His office is opposite La Pedrera, whose real name is Casa Mila. Almost a privilege, so sumptuous this building by Gaudi. Maud Bury is aware of his luck, especially since the building in which they are installed is one of the few to have no progress, thus letting the sun flood the walls, whereas usually the Barcelonians s protect it. Pale gray walls, white furniture and carefully sorted objects, his workplace is under the sign of minimalism. "I am very tidy," she says. "I need beauty on a daily basis. Everything must be visually pleasing." Since her installation, she has recharged herself, found her rhythm, and benefits from "this beautiful quality of life "which also allows him to take care of his daughter. Then the projects arrived and those which she now accepts correspond to her desires. Among which, The Concept My room; or how to rethink a hotel room. "Today, when we travel for professional reasons, we need a space to sleep but also to receive, she explains. To re-examine the intimacy, to have a space for oneself and for the others is a challenge exciting. "

Single or couple projects

Passing through Paris last January, she and her husband came to the preview presentation of Jeune Rue, a utopia which will become reality next spring and whose main lines are more than attractive. This project born from the initiative of a financier Cédric Naudon, aims to federate an entire street, that of Vertbois, around food shops (bakery, fishmonger, cheese dairy, restaurants ...) and culture. To do this, Cédric Naudon bought around thirty premises, enlisted the support of serious craftsmen who will supply the raw materials and called on designers. Maud Bury is adventurous and has been entrusted with the restaurant Anahi, while Eugeni Quitllet will take care of the cheese dairy. An experience apart, totally in what she wants to do today. A month later, she will come to inaugurate her latest work, an apartment restaurant for VIPs. Another interesting approach to his profession, since it involved designing the place as the setting for a collection of works of art. And art is life.

His favorite objects:

The white porcelain bowl and wooden handle

For Maud Bury, this object is part of her daily life. She deposits all kinds of little treasures there, harvested with her daughter during their walks and there are pell-mell shells, pieces of bark or pebbles.

Eugeni Quitllet's lamp

She has just returned to her pantheon of favorite objects, because Maud received it from her husband's designer, among her Christmas gifts. With its Plexiglas® structure, the manufacturing took time. But this bias makes the lampshade seem to float. Maud placed a concretion of glass on the base.

The teapot and its cover

At first glance, the object evokes an animal. And that is obviously what pleased Maud Bury. Under the fur, a teapot, most often filled with green tea. A big consumer, she also likes the ritual of these poses that allow the couple to forget or not the project they are working on.

The work kit

Maud Bury needs little to work. A beautiful space, very orderly, even minimalist and its "tools", which do not hang anywhere on his desk. From scissors to the calculator, everything is useful in this kit which it never separates from and which therefore follows it on the move.

Traditional terracotta

They come from Ibiza, the island where her husband Eugeni Quitllet was born and where they go on vacation every summer. It was during these trips that the small collection was formed. Some are old, others are not. Anyway, she likes the unique side of these handcrafted objects.