Mistakes to Avoid in a Positive Decoration

Mistakes to Avoid in a Positive Decoration

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The feng shui decor allows everyone to evolve in a universe conducive to well-being. Feng shui is a discipline originating in China that can be applied in each room of the house. Choice of colors, brightness, order and fight against nuisance are all key points to adopt to enjoy a positive decoration. Here are four mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Mistake # 1: Choosing the wrong colors

Colors have an almost immediate impact on well-being. It is therefore essential to harmonize them so that they are always pleasing to the eye. We therefore choose them judiciously according to the room. For the bedroom, the error would be to opt for red or orange. It is better to prefer the soft tones predominantly beige or a shades of blue in order to favor rest and promote sleep. In an office, you will gain concentration if you focus on the color chocolate and black. And to boost creativity, blue and dark green are better than yellow or gray. As for the living room and the kitchen, they lend themselves more particularly to the invigorating colors such as purple and red for joy, bright green for enthusiasm. White, gray and black are also very trendy colors for this type of room. On the other hand, we banish the flashy pink, too personal, for a living room or an entrance.

Mistake # 2: Limiting light sources

For a positive decoration, light is essential. Nothing is worse indeed than dark rooms. If it is not possible to install a bay window, you can choose to have a skylight installed. This will have the effect of bringing unparalleled brightness inside the home regardless of the season. The other solution is to install variable intensity light points and place them in strategic places. They will soften the atmosphere of a room or make a reading corner or a workspace more comfortable. It is the same for the bathroom where the light must be direct without generating shadows so that the makeup or shaving sessions are no longer a chore.

Mistake # 3: Getting overwhelmed by disorder

A positive decoration is only possible if the accommodation is perfectly organized. Disorder is therefore to be banished. On the contrary, each object must have its place and we will avoid the jumble all-round. At the office, the paperwork will be filed in a cabinet or cupboard while the kitchen worktops will be clean and free of dirty dishes. We also make sure that the living room table, like the one in the dining room, is not buried under a pile of magazines. The bedroom is no exception to the rule: bedtime is a real pleasure if this room is perfectly clean and tidy.

Mistake N ° 4: Multiplying the visual and olfactory nuisances

If you want to harmonize the energies of your home to make the most of a positive decoration, it is also essential to combat visual and olfactory nuisances. For visual soothing, the number of paintings and posters is limited, keeping only the images on the wall that promote pleasure and good humor. Finally, to eliminate unpleasant odors, the home must be ventilated every day and one can use essential oils which allow well-being and relaxation. Our practical nursery videos