Meeting with Pauline Jannault, one of the three winners of the Tremplin des Créateurs A Little Market

Meeting with Pauline Jannault, one of the three winners of the Tremplin des Créateurs A Little Market

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Small cupcakes as earrings, an ice cream cone hanging around the neck or macaroons hung on your wrist, welcome to the gourmet world of Mamzelle Suzanne. This young designer full of talent, won with these ever more original creations, the Springboard of Creators A Little Market. Do you want to know a little more about elegant and delicate fimo jewelry? Interview with Pauline Jannault.

Who is hiding behind Mamzelle Suzanne?

My name is Pauline and I am 26 years old. Suzanne is my middle name. I am a childcare assistant in addition to making all these little delicacies!

How did you become a designer?

I just decided to do what I liked. In my little life, I feel like I have touched on many artistic fields without really settling in. It is first of all polymer clay that I modeled to "see", and then finally I told myself that I could try to create a little of my universe through jewelry. The thoroughness and solitude have never bothered me and it is thanks to this no doubt that I was able to persevere and last in a little art that looks like me!

Tell us about your creations

I want them original, soft and discreet. Fresh, sometimes offbeat, childlike but not too much. I love real cooking and it is undoubtedly an asset to imagine, among other things, new modeling cupcakes. It's a candy pink universe, but an old rose, a little poetic. My trademark is of course miniature delicacies, but I also like to tackle manufacturing processes that are more in line with the trend! I leave my modeling tools from time to time for pliers and rings, and forward the little pearls that shine!

You are one of the 3 winners of the Springboard of Creators At Little Market, what does this represent for you?

I would not have imagined being supported as much by my entourage, until the last moment I did not believe it! I realized that over the months I had created a real network of clients / girlfriends on whom I could really count! It's touching that we recognize your work this way! Then, of course, it's a great springboard, it gives you wings, and I wanted to prove even more that I deserved this place with new creations, new ideas.

Future projects?

My shop continues to live quietly on A Little Market, its parent company! My greatest project is to always continue to create, to respond to personalized orders, not to disappoint when we are waiting for something from my hands, all this while trying to grab my free hours on the fly to transform them into pure delicacies! To discover Mamzelle Suzanne's creations, visit her boutique A Little Market.


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