Heating with wood

Heating with wood

Very popular with lovers of ecology, wood heating is becoming more and more topical, given the evolution of gas and oil prices. Heating with wood remains economical, while producing a soft and lasting heat. Find more articles on the theme: Quote heating works

Wood stove: make the appropriate choice

The wood stove has evolved a lot and becomes a full-fledged heating mode. The important thing is to make the right choice between the required power and the surface of the room or rooms to be heated. Thus, it is advisable to choose a stove with an efficiency of 70%. The double combustion wood stove is particularly interesting. Not only does it reach this level of efficiency, but it burns the residual gases from the first combustion. Preferably take a stove that accepts large logs. More economical to buy, the logs will burn longer, increasing the autonomy of the device. If you want a perfectly ecological stove, make sure it has the "Green flame" label.

Chimney insert: optimize the performance of your open chimney

Also very fashionable for those who have an open fireplace and wish to optimize its performance, the closed fireplace insert is an interesting solution. The closed hearth provides significantly better performance than an open chimney. The efficiency of the chimney insert can easily reach 70%. A true heater, the fireplace insert fits into the existing hearth of the open fireplace. It is advisable, beforehand, to ensure the compatibility of the chimney with the installation of an insert. The transformation of an open fireplace into a closed hearth does not require major work, which is significant. If the wood stove can be very design, the insert often has a basic shape. Aesthetics will not always be there, especially if your fireplace already has a certain style. Nevertheless, the insert of the closed hearth offers a good vision of the flames. With the absence of ash projection, the closed hearth is a guarantee of security.

Wood stove and fireplace insert: benefit from financial aid

In order to promote wood, clean energy, as a means of heating, various financial aids are offered by the State. For the installation of a wood stove or an insert, you can get a tax credit of 15%. The device must have an efficiency of at least 70%, be labeled "Green Flame" and be installed by a professional. The tax credit reaches 23% during work groupings, for example thermal insulation associated with the installation of wood heating. Enjoy the pleasure and warmth of wood heating without moderation!