Black walls are popular

Black walls are popular

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Long shunned in our interiors, black now reinvests all the rooms of the house without being noticed too much. Often associated with an austere decor or a masculine universe, it can nevertheless act as a revealer when used sparingly. Here are some tips to dare black in your decoration.

Black in touches

To not darken the room but give it cachet, choose to cover only small parts of the walls. You can, for example, cover only one side or play on large vertical stripes to give an impression of grandeur on the wall. Be careful though, it is not wise to use black in all sauces. It should especially be avoided in small rooms where it can be oppressive if it is omnipresent. Consider using it in small touches with a few accessories. In terms of black wall, also think about playing with materials. In the kitchen, bet on a metro style tile for the splashback. On the other hand, opt for a slate-like painting in the children's room on which they can give free rein to their imagination.

Black and colors

With which colors to associate it? We often have the habit of choosing white to contrast with black. The bet is always successful when we combine these two colors that structure the space and create a chic and sober decor, very design and contemporary. But if you want to break the monotony, do not hesitate to associate it with more vivid colors like red, blue and even yellow. There, you will get a contrasting decor that has character. Try for example the red and black association in the kitchen to give a Parisian bistro atmosphere, or match it with green and wood accessories for a Zen atmosphere. Our practical DIY videos