Dark parquet seduces the decor

Dark parquet seduces the decor

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Dark parquet creates a craze. Chocolate, anthracite or black, it goes perfectly with metal and iron, marble, concrete and even leather. The decor is inspired by the industrial spirit. Ideal in a large living space with a strong character like an artist's studio or a loft, the dark parquet stands out as obvious, the height of refinement. But it also finds its place in tight spaces.

The dark parquet in all its forms

In addition to the dark color of the parquet, it is the width of its planks that makes all the difference. We choose them extra large if we wish to emphasize the contemporary character of our home. Likewise, a touch of originality can be brought by the type of installation of dark parquet planks. Gratings, groynes, fishbones are all variants from which to choose to give cachet to the interior decoration.

Rich variation of materials

To meet everyone's tastes and budget, the parquet can be solid or laminated. Laminate also plays the stars because it imitates parquet to perfection. Its advantage is that it does not suffocate the tightest budgets. This composite material which is wrongly called parquet (which can only be made of wood) is available in many colors, from light to dark to play originality. As for solid parquet, it stands out for its authentic character. Unlike the laminated parquet which combines several layers of wood, the solid parquet is composed of a single essence, an absolute nobility. Oak, beech, bamboo, teak, chestnut, pine or even eucalyptus are among the species used for this type of coating with unrivaled robustness.

Dark parquet: which finish to choose

The finish of a parquet is important. The parquet can be waxed, oiled, vitrified or varnished. If waxed parquet is ideal in a traditional or rustic decor, oiled parquet is better suited to a contemporary atmosphere. As for vitrified parquet, in addition to offering excellent resistance and very easy to maintain, it can be matt or shiny. We therefore prefer dullness for an elegant and wise atmosphere. Bolder, the dark parquet with a shiny finish is a must in a designer style interior to emphasize the industrial spirit or enhance an atypical universe. Whatever its finish, dark parquet is just as ideal for giving a feeling of space to a small room.

Chic plays on shock contrasts

Dark parquet is the key point of an urban chic atmosphere, combined with off-white walls to warm the atmosphere. To punctuate with colorful touches like red that can be reserved for accessories, vases, cushions or the gigantic corner sofa. Inviting bright colors sparingly avoids the cold and soulless side of dark shades. And to sublimate this singular interior, you do not skimp on the brightness thanks to the bay windows, bull's-eye, and other skylights.


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