The Calor steam iron is 60 years old

The Calor steam iron is 60 years old

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For 60 years now, Calor has been developing models of steam irons to facilitate the chore of ironing. An anniversary that allows us to return to this true innovation of small household appliances.

1953: the birth of the first Calor steam iron

In the 1950s, Calor created a small revolution by launching its first iron equipped with a steam jet and automatic adjustment according to the nature of the fabric, the steam flow and the desired temperature. Back then, two Vapomatic strokes were worth five ordinary strokes.

The 70s and 80s

In the 1970s, Calor improved its steam iron with Pressing Plume, which was enriched by 11 steam jet outlets under the sole. Calor also offers products with an anti-limescale filter complete with cartridge and dosing bottle. In the 1980s, the steam irons were directly fitted with a removable, easily cleanable anti-limescale rod.

The 90s and 2000s

Always with a view to performance, the steam irons are enriched with a new sole which prevents scratches, dirt and grip. In 1990 the Aquagliss iron was offered a function which filters the water before transforming it into steam to maintain its performance. Thereafter, the anti-limescale rods are enriched with a self-cleaning function and an integrated anti-limescale system. Latest novelty, the Ultimate Anti-Calc steam iron with a new calc collector which ensures a longer service life of the device and better performance.


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