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Store firewood properly

Store firewood properly

Efficient firewood must be perfectly dry. It is therefore essential to store it in the best conditions and for a reasonable period of time because some species become less effective over the years. Storing firewood well is of economic, practical and environmental benefit.

Advantages of dry firewood

All professionals warn consumers that firewood should always be used when dry, that is to say containing less than 20% moisture. Above this rate, wood provides half the energy. Economically, the difference is significant. Firewood that is not perfectly dry quickly clogs the ducts and the various heating appliances which, in the long run, degrade. In addition, wet wood does not allow the appliances to reach their nominal power. The advantage of perfectly dry firewood is also environmental. Indeed, during its combustion phase, wood releases much less polluting substances than green wood. However even if a firewood is always used dry, this does not exempt you from regular sweeping of the conduits by a certified professional.

Opt for an airy shelter

Whether you make your own wood or have it delivered by a professional, you might as well plan a place suitable for storing it as soon as it is cut. This is to improve its drying. It is necessary to ensure perfect ventilation while keeping the wood safe. Free air is therefore essential to allow moisture to escape. A simple open shelter with a tiled, slate or corrugated iron roof is sufficient. Otherwise, a breathable tarpaulin, therefore not waterproof, can be placed on the pile of firewood provided that it does not cover the sides as this would only accumulate moisture in the heart of the logs. In order for them to dry even faster, they must be split before being stored. Their combustion will only be of better quality.

Recommended drying time

Making a good shelter for your firewood is therefore essential. It is still necessary to know for how long it is necessary to keep the logs there. It depends on their length, size type and storage conditions. For example, quartered logs 33 cm long stored under a ventilated shelter will be usable after fifteen months. If they are cut into logs, it will take seventeen months. Logs cut into quarters of a meter long, stacked outside without shelter will need eighteen months to dry. If they are cut into logs and stored under the same conditions, it will be necessary to wait at least two years before using them as firewood. Finally, a month before burning the firewood, it is useful to store it indoors. The ideal is to place next to the fireplace the stock of logs for the following days. Our practical nature decoration videos