What are the precautions for changing a bulb?

What are the precautions for changing a bulb?

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Answer: cut the power, use a stable support for a bulb in height and replace it with a model having the same characteristics.

Nothing could be simpler than changing a bulb, provided you follow a few basic safety measures. First, cut the power to the circuit breaker, it is essential. Then use a stable support if you have to change a bulb in height, on the ceiling for example, you are never safe from a bad fall. Replace the used bulb with another with the same characteristics: the same voltage and the same base. There are screw bulbs and bayonet bulbs, check beforehand the model you need so as not to waste time. Take the opportunity to buy a low-energy bulb, which will allow you to save energy while protecting the environment. Finally, turn on the power and admire your pendant light or your lamp illuminate! video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos