Video: a spring table decor

Video: a spring table decor

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This is news that does everyone good: spring is back! Nature is reborn and invites itself to our table: why not set up a table under the sign of spring greenery? Something to delight guests and forget about winter for good. Follow the guide !

Watch the video :

Steps :

Start by setting the tone by dressing the table with a white tablecloth, a classic that evokes two strong points of spring: brightness and softness. But if there is one characteristic to remember, it is the awakening of nature! As such, opt for a grass-colored fabric to pay tribute to him. Covering part of the table, this fabric alone will be enough to set the scene. The dishes also play the game. Green in color, the plates but also the glasses create a 100% natural atmosphere. But it is not finished ! To perfect the whole, do not hesitate to really invite Mother Nature to the table, with a wicker basket filled with garden flowers, a little rustic note that we dream of in the spring, candlesticks adorned with branches and a delicately centerpiece made up of flowers and petals.

Decoration idea:

Wake up this set in soft colors with flashy ribbons that will wrap the linen napkins and the handle of the basket.

Shopping :

In order to help you with your table decoration, here are some shopping ideas that we have selected for you: Livia green plates ALINEA Livia dessert plates green ALINEA Lali stem glasses ALINEA White square Kent tablecloth ALINEA Fabulös water glass IKEA Thanks to Watercolor for flowers. Table design and staging by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi.